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More “Memories” with Maroon 5: The Las Vegas Residency returns in 2024

We’re not just getting “One More Night” with Maroon 5, but sixteen! Maroon 5: The Las Vegas Residency is back in Las Vegas this summer… is it worth picking up tickets? 

Whether you walk into the theater already identifying as a fan, or it just sounded like something fun to do in Vegas, it’s one of the safest bets in Vegas that you’ll enjoy yourself at this show.

Photos by Travis Schneider

The Venue

Dolby Live at Park MGM is one of my favorite residency theaters. It’s on the more intimate side, bringing you closer to the artist and making it easy for them to interact with the entire crowd. Plus, you get to hear a custom-built Dolby Atmos sound system tailored to the venue, where every seat has an immersive listening experience.

As a local, I also love how easy it is to get to from both the freeway or the strip. However, since it’s across the street from T-Mobile Arena, you may run into traffic if there’s a competing event.

Upon entering Park MGM from the parking garage, there was a payphone photo opportunity set up for fans that I thought was a fun touch, too.

The Setlist

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past twenty years, you will be familiar with most songs on the setlist, which mostly consists of their greatest hits. Even a few of their collaborations get a moment in the spotlight, with an abridged version of “Stereo Hearts” sans Gym Class Heroes, as well as frontman Adam Levine covering Christina Aguilera’s bridge in “Moves Like Jagger.” They did, however, pump in Cardi B’s vocals for “Girls Like You,” which the crowd loved. 

The Show

With every song intro, the crowd buzzed with recognition. It really is a testament to the Maroon 5’s esteem— even if you’re not a die hard fan, you’ll be up and singing along. 


Maroon 5 – This Love 🫶🏼 The final few shows of the #maroon5lasvegasresidency are this week and its honestly a great time. They play all the hits plus a few super fun covers! @ Park MGM Dolby Live (hosted) #maroon5 #maroon5concert #maroon5residency #m5lvtheresidency #lasvegasresidency #concertclips #concertvideos

♬ original sound – livemusicdiary

The stage is on the more plain side when it comes to residencies, mostly just putting the band front and center. A few montages of the band’s early days are played throughout the set, and video effects serve as a backdrop during the performance, but for the most part it’s all about the music. Adam Levine takes full advantage of the X-shaped catwalk to get closer to the audience, and literally runs edge to edge on stage so no section feels left out. There are even a few call and response bits to get everyone involved.

A key moment among the chart toppers included a tribute to the band’s late manager and childhood friend, Jordan Feldstein, who passed in 2017 and inspired “Memories.” Before the song starts, we literally get to watch memories on the big screen of Adam and Jordi’s friendship starting when they were young kids, through their teenage years, and then in the band’s beginning stages. During our performance, Adam was still a bit choked up from the video intro, and had to take a moment to regroup and restart the first verse– seen below.


A sentimental moment during thr @Maroon 5 Las Vegas residency while singing “Memories,” dedicated to the band’s late manager and friend Jordi.🫶🏼 #maroon5 #adamlevine #maroon5lasvegas #maroon5lasvegasresidency #m5lv #m5lvtheresidency #lasvegasresidency #lasvegasconcert

♬ original sound – livemusicdiary

Another highlight was “She Will Be Loved,” which is the first song out of a three-song encore (so be sure to stay in your seat!). Adam and guitarist James Valentine venture out into the audience, between VIP and 200 sections, coming face to face with fans during the acoustic version. 

Honorary mention goes to the covers performed— Prince’s “I Wanna Be Your Lover” and Bee Gees’ “Stayin Alive.” Adam’s showmanship really comes through during these numbers, showcasing his impressive tenor range.

And because I know some people are wondering: yes, throughout the night, Adam’s shirts mysteriously go missing layer by layer. 👀

Before attending the residency myself, the first thing that would always come to my mind about Maroon 5 was the viral Tumblr thread from 2017. It jokingly claimed that Maroon 5 must have made a deal with the devil, because they’ve had countless Billboard hits over the past two decades yet you never hear anyone call them their favorite band. This always boggled my mind considering their success, but here’s the thing: whether or not they’re your favorite, spending a night with them won’t be time wasted.

Maroon 5: The Residency runs on select nights from May through October 2024. Grab tickets starting at $79 on Ticketmaster.