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Madison Deaver is Taking Over the L.A. & Las Vegas Music Scenes

If you’ve always wanted to discover an up-and-coming artist right before they explode in popularity, you’ll want to check out Madison Deaver — ASAP

Madison Deaver performing on stage and looking to camera | Photo: Miranda Mendelson / LiveMusicDiary.com
Photos: Miranda Mendelson / LiveMusicDiary.com

A pop punk soloist from Las Vegas, Deaver has been hard at work getting her music out there in the Los Angeles and Las Vegas music scenes. Since dropping her first singles on Spotify in 2019, she’s racked up over 400,000 streams and is only gaining more momentum with nearly weekly live shows.

With inspirations like Demi Lovato and No Doubt, her music channels a fiery attitude with vocal driven songs, and cleverly sarcastic lyrics. While you can definitely pick up on the influence that female rock icons have had on her style, she brings a fresh feel to the genre. Her music and lyrics are authentic to her, and don’t emulate any one established artist. She’s familiar, yet original.

Not to mention, her hooks are instant earworms— “Now he’s wearing me out, does he think that I’m denim?” and “Wish I could wish you well, but I’ll C U in hell,” have been stuck in my head for the past month.

Listen to Madison Deaver on Spotify:

Deaver splits her time between her day job, writing, performing, and recording in both Las Vegas and Los Angeles. “There are definitely days when I go straight from work to rehearsal,” she admits. “Some days are on a big time constraint, but I love being busy.”

I got to catch her set a couple weeks ago at the Desert Honeypot show, a curated showcase featuring women-led musical acts in Las Vegas. She was first to go on, and blazed through her high-energy originals as well as covers of Paramore’s “Still Into You” and No Doubt’s “Sunday Morning.”

Madison Deaver performing at The Sand Dollar Downtown in Las Vegas, NV (Photo: Miranda Mendelson / LiveMusicDiary.com)

Throughout her performance, Deaver hopped on and off stage, bringing the show into the audience and moving around the floor of the club. “My goal before each performance is to make the audience feel like they are a part [of it]. I like to push limits when I’m on stage,” she shares. “My other goal is to breathe. I usually forget to do that.”

Watching her perform, one gets the sense that Deaver is on the brink of mainstream success. Her songs have all the qualities of a radio hit, and her stage presence seems like second nature.

Madison Deaver performing at The Sand Dollar for the Desert Honeypot Showcase (Photo: Miranda Mendelson / LiveMusicDiary.com)

Deaver has been performing since she was 12, so she’s no stranger to being in front of a crowd. She only started writing her own music five years ago, though, at age 18. Collaborating with producer Una Jensen, she just finished writing and recording a new 10-track album to be released in early 2023.

Having established herself within the local music scene over the past year, you can already find her performing at world famous venues like The Viper Room, with an upcoming show on October 8th.

Madison Deaver performing on stage (Photo: Miranda Mendelson / LiveMusicDiary.com)

As pop punk continues to experience a revival, we’ve seen 00’s artists make strong comebacks, as well as new ones like Deaver bringing a modern perspective to move the genre forward. Her unapologetic and authentic lyrics, coupled with memorable melodies, make her one to watch within the movement. You’ll be glad to say you knew about her– or even saw her live– before she blew up.

Keep up with Madison Deaver via her Instagram, where she posts her live show schedule and current projects.

Photos by Miranda Mendelson / LiveMusicDiary.com