Live Music Diary is a concert blog based in Las Vegas, covering the local music scene, visiting tours, and residencies.

Miranda Mendelson - Las Vegas Concert Blogger & Photographer

Miranda Mendelson

Concert blogger and photographer

I’m a full time digital content creator with a passion for music… and seeing it live.

I’ve been a concert junkie since I was ten. My first show: Avril Lavigne’s Try to Shut Me Up Tour featuring Simple Plan, circa 2003.

I started building my archive of concert photos and clips as a kid, bringing my point-and-shoot camera into GA sections, then my iPhone, then finally a DSLR with a photo pit pass. While most people complain about 20-frame Instagram stories of concert sets, I’ve always loved seeing how people capture the magic of live music.

After the ’20-’21 shutdowns, one of the first things I did was plan out which concerts I’d attend as tours and residencies were announced. Deciding to act on a childhood dream of music journalism, I started reaching out to local venues to document the return of life music.

Live Music Diary is my actual concert journal. Aside from my personal concert itinerary, I’ll be discovering new artists and covering shows I may not have attended otherwise, with the goal of inspiring you to keep the tradition of live music alive.

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